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Breath Test

In Jefferson County, the Intoxilizer instrument that is currently in use to conduct the breath testing in DWI cases is the Intoxilizer 5000. The Intoxilizer 5000 first went into use in the State of Texas in 1988. The current version of the machine was delivered in the late 90s. The Intoxilizer uses Infrared Spectroscopy to measure the alcohol level in a sample of a person’s breath by measuring the absorption of infrared energy in a gas. The Intoxilizer 5000 operates on the assumption that there is a mathematical relationship between the amount of alcohol in a person’s breath and the amount of alcohol present in their blood. There are many ways to attack the breath test and there are things that can occur that can lead to an inaccurate test result. It is important to have an attorney who understands how the Intoxilizer 5000 works and all of the potential problems that can occur during breath testing that can lead to inaccurate results. Lindsey Scott has the knowledge and experience to effectively fight against a breath test in your DWI case. Just because you consented to a breath test, does not mean you have to settle for a guilty plea!

You have rights, Exercise them!

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